Hey There! I’m Jon, the founder of PageGuard

I have spent the past 8+ years living inside WordPress building wonderful websites and continuously learning the ins and outs of the WordPress system. I have created all kinds of websites from small one page sites for influencers to two hundered page sites for large organizations.

One day I had two people contact me (one was a potential client, the other was a friend of a friend) both asking me to help them becuase their websites were down. After some digging I found out that one was infested with tons of malware and the other had an extremely outdated version of a theme. Both of them were thrilled when their sites were back up.

Shortly after that experience I thought “why not offer help to people to make sure we can get ahead of these types of issues and keep their websites running the way they should.” Then PageGuard was born. I absolutely love working on websites. I can’t wait to help you with yours so you can focus on the things you love.